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AXCEL Partners helps its clients to successfully deliver complex products and services within projects or programmes.

Projects & programmes are increasingly complex and consist of systems or work packages that cut across organisations. They are increasingly carried out in industrial consortia involving several companies and many suppliers. Some members of these consortia are involved in more than one work package and may be both members of the consortium and suppliers to another consortium member.

In addition to the constraints of the system developed, there are also the constraints of the organisations, as well as those of the necessary information and decision-making processes. Taken together, these many complexities increase the risk of losing control of a project or programme and of delays in delivery.

Our capabilities and experience include :

Carrying out an operational project audit to define a performance plan.

Providing high level technical expertise on specific packages.

Taking over a project, or a project package, to ensure delivery.

Re-establish PMO credibility and trust with operational teams and regain control of the schedule and budget.

Conducting negotiations to limit penalties

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Our achievements

For the localised procurement part of the project: Validation of supplier panels targeted by commodity - Ensure RFI/RFQ - Propose and document the objectives to be integrated into the tender by our client. Our office in Sao Paulo was mobilised on this project.

Procurement project manager
South America

Delay on homologation and certification of high-tech products, blockage with the final customer and important financial risks. Our consultant took over the management of the project - Built a relationship of trust - Set up an arbitration on the causes and responsibilities.

Project management

International project (>1,5B€), involving technical centre, production with technology transfer and acceptance/maintenance in 3 different countries on 2 continents. Project management up to the customer acceptance phase and first serial delivery."

Major International Project Management
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