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Campanies regularly face urgent and unpredictable needs, for experienced managers or leaders who will be able to take over operational or functional departments at short notice.

AXCEL Partners has a pool of managers or experts, by sector and function, immediately available, almost anywhere in the world. Recognised for their ability to adapt, their human values and their sense of commitment, our managers know how to blend into our clients’ ecosystems, who sometimes tell us they forget that they are… transitional.

Beyond the immediate issue of continuity of operations, we pay particular attention to the last stage of our intervention, the “handover”, to facilitate the recruitment and integration of the new employee chosen by the company.

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Our achievements

"Process industry (3-shift manufacturing): Replacement following the departure of the current manager - Start-up of new products - Implementation of the quality improvement plan."

Quality management site
Quality - France

"Replacement following the departure of the manager in a failed situation: Mobilisation of the management team - Improvement of social relations - Reactivity on execution plan - Improvement of customer services - Convergence plan to reach budgetary objectives."

Site management
Automotive - France

Following the departure of the current manager, immediate replacement for the BU Director of an automotive supplier, 9 month assignment. Management of commercial operations, projects, production. Preparation of budget and 3 year plan.

Business Unit Management
Automotive - France
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