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Our approach

Digital Transformation is pushing companies to face major changes in their environment and an internal disruption due to the necessary adaptation of their business model, their processes and their organisation.

The cause : emerging technologies that shorten cycles, from product development to maintenance in operational conditions, to customer experience.

Because digital transformation has a deep and lasting impact on all corporate functions, AXCEL Partners helps its clients initiate their project with a pragmatic and transverse approach. Based on experience, we rely on a pool of expert managers capable of building this transformation and implementing it.

Throughout the project our lead partner is involved to guarantee results.

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Our achievements

Faced with internall initiatives, a group launched an e-commerce/multi-channel project. We rationnalized developments working with all stakeholders. After validation deployment is carried out according to the profile of stores.

e-Commerce project management
Retail - France

We lead the transformation of an internet advertising agency, from a product to a customer orientation, while driving the paper and internet offers to converge. The redesign project is carried out in Agile mode to produce a first version of the multichannel solution in six months. Full integration was reached after nine months.

Project management
Press - France

From the multichannel customer experience we build the governance necessary to lead a digital transformation, and managed the multiple projects for the ExCom. Usage cases were defined and validated. We set-up an oversight of the company's projects under the multi-channel prism. Following the results obtained, the project was extended to the Italian subsidiary.

Multi-channel programme management
Retail - Europe
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