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To help private equity firms accelerate their operations, AXCEL Partners mobilises its industry experts, experienced financiers and top managers, of the specific context (carve-out, spinoff, etc.) and of the various phases of the operation (pre-deal, due diligence, integration, build-up, etc.).

Our interim managers have solid experience in LBO development, know how to identify priority growth drivers in their markets, and have acquired a cash culture with companies in turnaround, both in France and abroad. They are recognised for their agility and responsiveness.

Whether supporting the existing manager or running the company with a mandate, AXCEL Partners’ managers know how to quickly identify the key success factors and bring value-creating projects to fruition.

Our tools and methods, based on our experience, allow us to ensure a rigorous follow-up of the mission while reinforcing the dialogue between the shareholder and the managementirms

Loss of confidence of the shareholder in his Managing Director and decision to replace him. Our manager takes immediate actions: drastic reduction of expenses and review of production schedules to build a turnaround plan.

Taking over the general management of a participation

For a private equity firm interested in an acquisition: operational diagnosis of the seller's information, identification of the market positioning of the service lines, critical analysis of performance and of the proposed development strategy.

Pre-acquisition advice
Industry Services - Europe

Products with a major quality defect. We were asked to help bring suppliers under control with a supply-chain specialist. We identify a design problem that made the product impossible to industrialize. The revised product definition enabled commercial development in Europe and the United States, and then an IPO of the start-up.

Supply Chain Project Management
Startup - France
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