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Our approach

Crisis situations require a significant and intense mobilisation of expert resources who can immediately address the risks or drifts, as well as reorganise and restructure a company in a sustainable way towards a sustainable development path.

In this phase of strong transition, AXCEL Partners provides a complete solution that relies on managers and experts experienced in these situations and a structured working method that allows the management team to steer the exit from the crisis.

The root causes of the crisis are analysed and lead to :

  • a plan to mobilise the organisation and strengthen the company’s skills to enable it to resume its development in a sustainable manner,
  • the implementation of short-term priority actions as part of an overall recovery plan.

Because each situation is unique, AXCEL Partners first performs an uncompromising diagnosis, builds recovery options, and then implements the decided plan, in support of the teams on the ground, with the takeover of operational management functions.

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Our achievements

90-person plant in Bilbao with recurring losses. A restructuring manager was sent to team up with the CEO: after reaching an agreement with the unions and stakeholders, the factory was closed. Our manager was then hired by our client and promoted to Director - Europe.

Closure of a production site

The industrial and social stakes are high. We mandated a French, Swiss resident and German-speaking manager, experienced in delicate industrial assignments, who brought this project to a successful conclusion within 18 months.

Consolidation of three industrial sites

A company is facing a cash crisis and is close to bankruptcy. Our Manager took over the finance and administration functions: daily cash control, weekly forecasting. 20% of the service lines were stopped. The company was able to continue its activity and initiate a plan for disposal.

Rescue of the business and preparation for the sale by entity
Industrial Services - France
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