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Our approach

AXCEL Partners provides the toolbox and experience to help its clients solve their performance crises and accelerate their transformations.

Successfully completing a major transformation or a competitiveness plan requires setting up a project team, led by a seasoned and immediately available leader.

We offer our clients the skills of operational managers and a fresh perspective. Our teams have mastered solid and recognised operational practices, and share the values that are essential to the success of the project:

Leadership. Leading a transformation implies the commitment of operational managers who know how to share a vision, get the teams to adhere to the project and lead the transformation programme.

Commitment to tangible results in the form of a plan of deliverables agreed with the client.

Ability to create and implement breakthroughs: AXCEL Partners implements a disruptive and agile approach to achieve ambitious objectives within a defined timeframe.

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Our achievements

Diagnosis of underperformance - Definition and deployment of an improvement plan: panel management, savings objectives, strategic plan by commodity - Implementation of a Purchasing roadmap within the Group.

Purchasing performance improvement

For an international group: Management of an engineering subsidiary specialising in automated production equipment - Improvement of performance in project execution - Business development plan: new customers / products".

Subsidiary general management
Engineering - France

For a European plastics manufacturer suffering from late deliveries: - Two experts were appointed - Flows were enhanced with a 7% productivity gain after 3 months - Commitments made to customers were met and trust was restored.

Industrial management
Plastics - France
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