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AXCEL Partners covers all HR functions for its clients.

Whether you need to urgently replace a manager, support the growth of your company, implement a talent development policy, improve the performance of a Payroll department, harmonise compensations & benefits while integrating an acquisition, carry out a staff reduction plan, adapt its structures to the contraction of activities, manage social relations, make them evolve in the interest of the company and its employees, or manage a project (CSP, HRIS, etc.).

AXCEL Partners provides flexibility and adaptability through its talent pool as well as its expertise in project management to deliver the expected results.

AXCEL Partners’ talent pool has been built up in an increasing number of countries around the best managers who have held key positions such as Group and Company HR Director, Division or BU HR Director, Employee Relations Director, Plant HR Director, HR Project Director, Payroll and IS Director.

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Our achievements

The French subsidiary of this international American group was late in implementing the Corporate HR policy. We mandated a bi-cultural HR director who : - Took over the HR-IS deployment - Reviewed priorities - Validated and implemented a 4-month action plan.

HRD Industrial Site
Hydraulic Systems - France

Restoration of social dialogue - Negotiation of agreements - Coaching of the management team and middle management.

HRD Industrial Site
Equipment goods - France

Delays in the implementation of the Group HR policy of this European manufacturer of household products. Our interim manager re-established social dialogue while working on the new HR IS project. Result: confidence with HQ was restored and 6 months later a major investment project was launched.

Upgrading of an HRD
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