ENEID-Transition joins AXCEL Partners

AXCEL Partners is pleased to announce the arrival of the ENEID-Transition team.

Founded by Patrick Chenebaux, ENEID-Transition is specialised in Digital, IT and Digital Trust. It has a recognised expertise in this field, with a team of 50 selected managers in Information Systems Security (ISS) and/or Cyber technical project management, as well as more than 250 IT managers or CEOs for large-scale ISS programmes. In addition, the company has developed tools that enable it to offer its clients a continuous premium service.

As a leading player in interim management, AXCEL Partners has an integrated international network and covers all aspects of this profession through its offices in Paris, Milan, Munich, Sao Paulo and Wuhan.

Patrick Chenebaux, Chairman of ENEID-Transition, confirms that this integration will allow his business lines to accelerate their development within AXCEL and give them an international reach.

AXCEL Partners confirms that this operation will strengthen its Digital Transformation and Information Systems business line, created by Laurent Gervais, and is in line with its development strategy in France and internationally. It will allow the company to benefit from the technological advances acquired by ENEID-Transition.

We warmly welcome the ENEID-Transition teams and look forward to working with them in all our current and future locations.

AXCEL Partners will be communicating further growth initiatives in the coming months.