AXCEL Partners has continued to strengthen its position throughout 2021…

The newly established offices in Milan, Munich, Sao Paolo together with the well-established office in Paris have boosted the growth of AXCEL Partners and provided our clients an integrated and global service.

In 2021, we served our clients in Europe, Middle East and South America with our traditional lines of services, as well as new solutions in Digital transformation and Cybersecurity.

The AXCEL Partners Team is thankful to its clients for their continued trust: This is a strong motivation for all of us to further enlarge our offering and footprint.

Organic growth of over 20% confirming the pertinence of our strategy.

Three new partners joined our team, Jean-Michel Demangeat in Restructuring,  Hervé Multon in Aerospace & Defence, and Jacques Nadra in Manufacturing.

AXCEL Partners expanded its business in the Food industry, Telecom industry, Digital services and in Distribution.

Our growth was also fuelled by new assignments in business development, restructuring activities and support to M&A.

In its first full year of life, the office in Milan has demonstrated the capability to successfully answer the needs of the Italian industry and has also confirmed its strong international reach.

The Italian team with its knowledge of the needs of the local industry and large international experience has been able to execute over 10 projects, half of which with local companies, both large firms and SME’s, and the other half with international companies and has contributed to add 60 senior managers to AXCEL Partners Talent Pool.

Our assignments covered the areas of General Management, Purchasing, Finance, Operations, Quality, Product Management and Digital Marketing leading to Digital Transformation.

Giandomenico Rivetti, Managing Partner for Italy underlined “our success over such a variety of topics was made possible thanks to the excellent cross-collaboration among AXCEL Partners offices and the quality of both the local and international Talent Pool”.

First projects successfully delivered. Evidence of AXCEL Partners’ Transition Management approach proven.

Just after the creation of AXCEL Partners GmbH in the first half 2022, our Munich office realized the cooperation with one of the world market leaders for machine tools. The projects focused on product management, international sales and purchasing.

The quick introduction into the competitive German market and the response that the two Managing Directors Bert Stegkemper and Stephan Barlet gathered from clients evidenced the validity of AXCEL Partners’ Transition Management approach.

Completing two years in Brazil, the AXCEL Partners branch is well positioned as one of the main options when it comes to Transition management.

The Transition management methodology is still not widely known in the country, being routinely understood  as recruitment or consulting activities.

In Brazil, our clients are mostly European companies facing challenges in the C-level areas, while decisions are made at the companies’ headquarters in their countries of origin.

As the country was severely hit by Covid-19, business stood still for 2 years and is now entering a new phase of growth.

With a talent pool now over 500 experts, managers and C-level professionals, AXCEL Partners is the natural #1 choice when it comes to Transition Management.


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